Guardiola believes he can still win the Premier League title

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola is ready to start the real fight for Premier League title after announcing he is not yet ready to surrender despite last night’s defeat against Newcastle United.

Manchester City missed the match against Newcastle with a 2-1 result, despite being ahead of only 23 seconds in the game. This defeat makes Liverpool the chance to go to the top of seven points if he is able to secure victory tonight.

Guardiola has admitted that his team could not lose more points in the remainder of the season in order to defeat Liverpool in the title race. However, a tough match will add even more pressure to the English champions in power.

After facing Arsenal on Sunday, Manchester City will go to Everton and then, in the next game, will host Chelsea at home and Guardiola admits that his team will not be easy to achieve this.

“The next week will be difficult, with matches against Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea. We are in January and we are behind the leader, but we have many titles and many points we can still win “, Guardiola said.

“If they win, then we remain behind them for many points. However, it is still January, not April or May. There are still many matches. We will not give up. It is more difficult now, but we have the opportunity to win the title and we know how to win the matches. When you are back, you can not lose points. ”

“Sometimes things go well for you and sometimes they do not go. We were able to reduce the distance. When you’re behind the leader, you have to win matches and we did not do that. I know that the challenge that we have ahead is great. ”

“We are in all races and this makes our challenge difficult. But if you want to improve as a team, you have to accept this challenge. I prefer to be in that position. “