Colin Kaepernick's numbers shouldn't add up for Cleveland

Colin Kaepernick will enter the quarterback free-agent waters today when he officially opts out of his contract in San Francisco.

That makes him an option for a Cleveland Browns team that needs to consider all options.

Kaepernick is 29, a former second-round pick out of Nevada. His career passer rating is 88.9 and Total QBR is 64.9.

His overall statistics put him in the middle of the pack among NFL quarterbacks in his career. His accuracy is not great, and he’s been sacked way too often — 171 times, which ranks 14th-highest during his NFL years.

Kaepernick made news by not standing for the national anthem in 2016. He was making a statement — one that many understandably did not like. Judge him by his numbers, though, and those add up to a player who is similar to current Browns QB Robert Griffin III.

Start with this: Since Kaepernick joined the NFL, his passer rating ranks one spot ahead of Griffin. Kaepernick is a better pocket passer. The concern is that he’s been sacked so many times, he might be become more skittish.

The Browns should do their due diligence on Colin Kaepernick, but he’s likely not their best option. Getty Images

Here’s a breakdown of some of his numbers:

Kaepernick owned the 49ers job after the 2013 season. He had guided San Francisco to the playoffs and was 17-6 as a starter. He never seized the job in the three seasons since then. In his last three seasons, he has gone 11-24 as starter and was sacked 116 times. Kaepernick opted out of his deal, but the 49ers were ready to move on as well.

The Browns owe it to themselves to consider Kaepernick, but in his case the on-field numbers say enough.

They just don’t add up.